Um, yeah

Obviously, I haven’t been keeping up with the posting schedule I had… let’s go with promised. Deal with it. Since my last post, a whole host of things has happened. In no particular order:

  • Watched a bunch of anime.
  • Went to my sister’s wedding.
  • Got married.
  • Heard my other sister got engaged.
  • Moved to my own apartment.
  • Went to Airman Leadership School.
  • Started watching Zero Punctuation Reviews.
  • Had nothing to do at work. Again.
  • Moved to a different building on base.
  • Discovered Sabaton (Review later)
  • Started playing World in Conflict (Review later, again)
  • Lusted over the iPhone more.
  • Lusted over the Asus EEE.
  • Lost a hard drive
  • Gained a hard drive
  • Forgotten passwords.

I’ll get better soon. Probably.


Broke dick car

So I get off work today, walk to my car, and start it up. Or rather, I attempt to. The key turns but the engine goes ” “. Nothing to be heard from it. Knowing my battery cable is a bit loose (which is bad, but hasn’t been a problem before), I jiggle it a bit. No dice. I try again. I continue to fail. Eventually a nice lady who works at my building offers to give me a jump. That fails, though different. The engine turns over, but the engine doesn’t catch. It doesn’t even attempt to. A couple tries later, we give it up for dead. So my car’s sitting at work. *sigh* It only had to last a week. Then my fiancée would have been here and I’d at least have another car to use. Ah, well, I’ll fix it after I get back.