Laptop HDDs

The other upgrade J’s laptop received was a new 250GB hard drive. So with it, comes an OS reinstall. I’m planning on getting everything she wants installed on there, then imaging the drive so wiping the cruft off won’t be a heartache, but rather just a couple minutes work. With that, I decided to get the SLP 2.0 pieces, and see if I could get that to work.

First, I made sure she had the most recent BIOS from Dell installed. Without it, it almost certainly wouldn’t work, thus negating the entire SLP exercise. That done, I just installed it from the DVD (any Retail/OEM DVD works for installing any version). From there, I opened up an elevated command prompt (important that it’s elevated), then ran two commands:

slmgr.vbs -ipk ProductKeyHere

slmgr.vbs -ilc E:OEM.xrm-ms

Obviously, neither of those commands will work as is. After that, the system was activated. So I installed SP1, and just need to have J finish setting up her laptop. Which will likely be a couple weeks from now. Until then, she’ll keep on using her old HDD.


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