Bluetooth, laptops, and cellphones

So, J wanted a new cellphone. Ended up getting a Nokia 6126. Amongst other features, it was free. Big selling point. It also has Bluetooth and some media capability. She wanted to have a custom ringtone (Mario Bros). I didn’t really feel like paying for a ringtone (rip-offs, all of them). So my solution was to just transfer a MP3 on from her computer. Problem is, the only ways to connect are with a USB cable (which I also didn’t want to pay for), or Bluetooth (which she doesn’t have on her computer).

Off to EBay. Found a Dell 360 module, which was listed as compatible with the e1705 laptop she has. Couple days later, it arrives. Unscrew a cover, plug it in, and we’re in business. Well, except for the fact that I needed to download the drivers, and the Nokia software.

Long story short, she has her Mario Bros Ring tone.


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