A Desert Called Peace and Carnifex

These are a pair of books by Tom Kratman. He’s a bit loopy politically, and it shows somewhat in the books. These books are essentially a set of what ifs. In them he rails against radical Islam, transnationalism (ex: the UN, Amnesty International, et al). The basic setup is that of an alternate Earth of sorts. All the undesirables are shipped off to Terra Nova, and thence start a new life on a new planet. Of course, since they’re still just like us, they have all the problems we do. One of the biggest problems with these books is that Kratman fails to diverge from history enough. Yes, history repeats itself, but he has it repeating itself too closely, including the Japan analog getting bombed by the US analog.

That said, it’s some excellent mil SF. The descriptions of combat are fairly believable, and well written. He also includes what could be called nothing other than a political tract at the end of each book. It’s definitely not going to be to everyone’s taste. Especially those of highly liberal leanings.

Recommended with reservations.

Amazon links: A Desert Called Peace; Carnifex


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