Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight

It’s a sci-fi girls’ high school comedy show. It’s 12 episodes long. The central cast consist of 5 girls: Amamiya Manami, who is so genki she’s nearly unstoppable, Inamori Mika, the shy student council secretary, Uehara Mutsuki, a great athlete, Eto Mei, a shy girl who acts standoffish, and Odori Momoha, whose antics probably should have resulted in her getting thrown out of school.

Most of the show is about the student council’s trials and tribulations in putting on a school fair. There’s a lot of comedy involved, but it’s not entirely about the jokes. It has a somewhat idiosyncratic art style (all the girls look like they could be in elementary school, they are in high school).



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