My computer

I’ve done a bit of upgrading of my computer in the past couple weeks. Added more RAM (at 4GB now), installed Vista Home Premium x64 (to fully take advantage of the 4GB of RAM, amongst other things). I bought a 24in widescreen monitor from Dell. It’s quite sweet, BTW. I’ve also snagged a copy of Office 2k7 Enterprise (one of the perks of working where I do).

One of the cool things that Word 2k7 added was the ability to write and post blog entries directly, no copy and pasting necessary. So, unlike my first two posts, this one is written in Word.

One of the annoying things about the Vista upgrade is that drivers aren’t very stable, or for that matter, existent. My original webcam doesn’t work, because Creative hasn’t released 64-bit drivers yet, and aren’t currently planning on doing so either. Games are generally a bit slower, but not so much that I can tell. The exception to this is Guild Wars, which runs excruciatingly slowly when I have certain options turned on. In comparison, in XP, those same options allowed 80+ FPS framerates. I hope Arenanet gets around to updating to full Vista compatibility soon. For comparison, it’s about 80fps with those options turned on in XP, versus about 20 in Vista.


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